JSU Clubs are the backbone of JSU programming. Clubs meet weekly in each school and provide a venue for students of all backgrounds to come together and engage in meaningful and thought provoking discussion on topic of interest to the students. Topics range from emotional and mental health issues, to political and social current events. Interpersonal issues to the latest in current events are all viewed through a Jewish lens demonstrating the relevance and value of Judaism to modern day living. Students develop an new found appreciation for Judaism, their Jewish identity and the ability to infuse spirituality in their daily lives. Nothing is taboo and students are welcome to suggest whatever topics they wish.

Some club meetings feature a guest speaker on the given topic, while others will address the topic at hand via a crafts project. Each discussion is introduced with something fun and entertaining from "pop culture" related to the topic. Presently, JSU facilitates 15 clubs in 14 area public and private high schools and middle schools.


The Galia& Milton Movitz Senator John Danforth Israel Scholars (MJDIS) course provides Israel education, advocacy and leadership training to teenagers looking to develop their understanding of Israel from a historical, modern, and political perspective. MJDIS offers students a multi modal approach to learning, utilizing engaging speakers from leading Israel advocacy and education organizations, community leaders and multimedia presentations. Students will study the history of Israel and grapple with many issues it faces today. Additionally, students are provided with hands-on advocacy and mentoring opportunities on both local and national levels.

What is the purpose of the MJDIS?
MJDIS is designed to engender a greater understanding of Israeli current affairs and ethical issues through challenging and interactive programming. MJDIS also encourages participants to confront the questions raised by current events in Israel and the impact it has on the larger Jewish community. At the conclusion of the program, participants have the opportunity to travel to Jefferson City, MO, and Washington, D.C., to meet and speak with elected officials on behalf of Israel.

What is the MJDIS curriculum?
The MJDIS curriculum was gleaned from a variety of Israel education and advocacy resources and includes various topics such as: The History of Zionism; Wars and Peace; Legitimate criticism vs. Delegitimization; Media Bias; Israel on the College Campus; Lobbying 101 and more.

Who is invited to participate?
MJDIS is offered as a course for adults and a course for teens.

What are the incentives of participating in MJDIS?
Each student successfully completing the course will receive a $350 stipend to be used towards any JSU affiliated Israel summer experience or gap-year program.


The Jewish Scholars Fellowship Program takes contemporary topics of interest to teens and explores them through ancient and modern Jewish text. The course was developed and is taught by JSU Associate Director of Institutional Advancement, and popular JSU Club leader, Rabbi Yitz Staum. “Between his unique ability to connect with teens combined with his engaging personality and his breadth and depth of Torah knowledge, Rabbi Yitz brings to this course all the ingredients necessary for an exciting and inspirational experience that will connect participants to the beauty, depth and relevance of out heritage to contemporary issues”, said JSU Director, Rabbi Mike Rovinsky. The program is divided into two 8 week semesters. The first semester will focus on topics such as: The Jewish History Timeline, The Jewish Calendar, Miracle of Jewish History, Judaism and the Origins of Christianity & Islam, Anti-Semitism Through Classic Jewish Thought and Jewish Law & Government. Second semester topics are chosen by the teens themselves. The course is open to teens grades 9-12. Students who complete the course will receive a $350 stipend towards a JSU affiliated Israel Summer Experience.

To register visit http://tinyurl.com/jsfstl for more information contact info@jsustl.org or call 314-696-0578


In our quest to always provide content to as many Jewish teens as possible, JSU identified the need to develop a new opportunity for teens who could not attend the after school clubs. In order to fill this need, we started JSU Alternate night. Since its inception, "Alternate night" has evolved from just another opportunity to make up the after school club into an opportnity for another JSU club. Many teens take advantage of a JSU opportunity that they would not have otherwise been able to, while others love the chance to "double dip"! Whether its at Starbucks or Cold Stone Creamery, Alternate night has become a very popular JSU program.


JSU staff partner with various St. Louis Jewish organizations to provide supplemental Jewish educational content specially tailored to their goals and curricula. Whether it's developing a whole course of study or a simple 30 minute class, JSU can help with educational content on any Jewish topic.


The centrality and unity of the Jewish People revolves around our Torah. Regardless of how one practices Judaism or what customs they follow, the Torah remains the unifying force for all Jews. In fact, the very last mitzvah in the Torah is the commandment for every Jew to write a Torah scroll.

JSU of St. Louis has arrived at the culmination of the Torah of Unity Project – giving every child in our community the rare opportunity to learn, engage and participate in the writing of a Torah. A scribe, along with JSU staff was made available, free of charge, to all organizations who engage Jewish youth, to teach and show them how a Torah is written. Each child was able to participate in this rare mitzvah opportunity. The completed Torah will be available for use at all youth group conventions, youth-focused minyanim and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

The Torah, teaches us about our past and the future of the Jewish people. This Torah has been donated by Gloria Feldman in memory of her two brothers and the one and a half million children murdered in the Holocaust. Gloria and her husband Rubin, of blessed memory, dedicated their lives to strengthening communal institutions, specifically those that educate and inspire others to live Jewishly engaged lives. The Torah of Unity serves as a call to action to carry on the legacy of the silenced voices of the million and a half Jewish children whose voices were silenced. This Torah will represent their voices through the many children who will be using and learning from it. The funds raised will be used to strengthen the

Jewish identity and connection to Israel of today's youth, tomorrow's leaders.

Although most people are not in the position to commission the writing of a complete Torah, one of the many ways to fulfill this mitzvah is to dedicate the writing of parts of the Torah. It is not too late to be a part of this historic event! To dedicate a portion of this special Torah call 314-696-0578 or visit jsustl.org/torah.


JSU staff have an abundance of knowledge regarding campus Jewish life, opportunities and services and regularly counsel seniors regarding their college choice when considering these factors. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the JSU staff with questions regarding college choices.


JSU runs out of town trips over President's day or other long weekends to provide for a fun and educational immersive Jewish experience. The thrill of a trip out of town coupled with the experience of Shabbos creates a unique opportunity for questioning, inspiration and growth.


JSU's premier summer program TJJ (The Jerusalem Journey) sends students on a 4 week trip to Israel to experience the breadth and depth of what the land of Israel has to offer along with inspiring their growth in their own Jewish peoplehood. Nightly fun and educational learning experiences provide the perfect counterbalance for the intense touring activity of the days. The program is highly subsidized and students are regularly able to attend the program for under $1,000. For more information visit https://tjj.jsu.org/


JSU staff host home hospitality meals during most Jewish holidays as well as organize and run multi day holiday programs during Simchat Torah, Purim and Shavuout. Typically these include out of town college students to supplement as advisers and a tremendous variety of entertainment and inspirational opportunities are coupled together to create an unforgettable experience.


Each year in the days leading up to or following Purim JSU runs a series of educational and entertaining events, bolstered by the inclusion of college students who volunteer their time. Typical events include a costumed party bus trip, Shabbat dinner and oneg, boardgame meet up, Saturday night melava malka, bonfire and more.


In keeping with the ancient Jewish tradition of learning Torah all night on the evening of Shavuout, JSU organizes an all night learning program with sessions and discussions specifically tailored to teens. JSU organizes three learning tracks, one for teen girls, one for teen boys and a co-ed group of middle school students. The long night's work is broken up with a 2 am BBQ!


Through various out of school interactions such as our TJJ trip to Israel and regional retreats and trips, JSU students frequently develop ongoing relationship with volunteer advisers of college age. They can choose to enter into a learning program with these volunteers on any Jewish subject they like and can even earn up to $500 towards a JSU summer program of their choice.


JSU works with student to set up one on one learning programs tailored to their level of Jewish education, and fields of particular interest. Learning is either with JSU staff themselves or set up with other community members.


JSU Staff constantly serve to promote various Jewish opportunities for students from Synagogue programming, youth groups, holiday programs, Jewish sports leagues and more. We get to know JSU students and connect them with the best programs for their unique tastes and needs.