The Galia& Milton Movitz Senator John Danforth Israel Scholars (MJDIS) course provides Israel education, advocacy and leadership training to teenagers looking to develop their understanding of Israel from a historical, modern, and political perspective. MJDIS offers students a multi modal approach to learning, utilizing engaging speakers from leading Israel advocacy and education organizations, community leaders and multimedia presentations. Students will study the history of Israel and grapple with many issues it faces today. Additionally, students are provided with hands-on advocacy and mentoring opportunities on both local and national levels.

 MJDIS is designed to engender a greater understanding of Israeli current affairs and ethical issues through challenging and interactive programming. MJDIS also encourages participants to confront the questions raised by current events in Israel and the impact it has on the larger Jewish community. At the conclusion of the program, participants have the opportunity to travel to Jefferson City, MO, and Washington, D.C., to meet and speak with elected officials on behalf of Israel.
The MJDIS curriculum was gleaned from a variety of Israel education and advocacy resources and includes various topics such as: The History of Zionism; Wars and Peace; Legitimate criticism vs. Delegitimization; Media Bias; Israel on the College Campus; Lobbying 101 and more. Who is invited to participate? MJDIS is offered as a course for adults and a course for teens. What are the incentives of participating in MJDIS? Each student successfully completing the course will receive a $350 stipend to be used towards any JSU affiliated Israel summer experience or gap-year program.