Experience the magic of the Jewish Student Union Gala from the comfort of your own home as we all pay tribute to Harvey Greenstein and Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein for their dedication to the engagement and education of Jewish youth in their efforts to create a brighter Jewish future. 

Due to COVID’s impact on so many aspects of our lives, JSU has shifted into overdrive. We are continuing all of our existing school clubs virtually and additionally launching a variety of experiences to meet the emotional and other needs of the teens and their parents.  Between March and August alone, JSU ran 150+ virtual programs resulting in more than 1,250 encounters with teens.  Most recently, we began the process of re-starting in-person programming (with social distancing and masks) while maintaining all of our virtual gatherings.

We need your investment and partnership this year, now more than ever. JSU has already increased the number of touchpoints and services we are providing to the teens of our community. More than 800 teens - those who will shape the future of the Jewish People - are counting on you. We must empower our teens with the inspiration, motivation and tools to develop a strong Jewish identity and a sense of responsibility for their vital role in shaping our community – both now and in the future.

In honor of Harvey Greenstein and in memory of Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein, please click here to invest in the strong future of our Jewish Peoplehood.



Our Honorees

Harvey Greenstein & Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein

Esther and Harvey began a friendship in the late sixties when a small group of young Jewish couples formed a chavurah, a Jewish study group. In the early nineties, their spouses, Stanley and Enid, passed away. Esther and Harvey married in 1997.  

Esther, an Atlanta native, came to St. Louis to earn a BS at Washington University/Central Institute for the Deaf.  After serving as a deaf educator for multiple years, Esther earned a Master of Education at Emory University. Harvey grew up in Collinsville and began attending Sunday school at B’nai Amoona in 1939. He graduated from the University of Illinois School of Business.

Each of their early involvement in the St. Louis community focused on education. Esther taught at CID, created a program at Shaare Emeth which enabled deaf students to be mainstreamed into the religious school program in partnership with hearing teen volunteers, and she developed programming for deaf teens at the Special School District. Her multiple talents included co-authorship of children’s books, job placement for individuals with special needs at JEVS/MERS, Program Director at Temple Emanuel, art dealership owner, inventor and patent holder and early advocate for the Reform Jewish Academy. Together Esther and Harvey tutored at Clark, Cote Brilliant and Tillman schools.

Harvey has served as chair of Jewish Federation's Leadership Development Council, President of CAJE and of B’nai Amoona.  He was the founding Chair of the Brodsky Community Library and served as a board member of the Jewish Federation, JCCA, Solomon Schechter Day School, JFRC and served on United Way’s Budget Committee. In the sixties, Harvey managed and taught sales training classes for IBM in Israel. Presently, Harvey serves with distinction on the JSU Youth Commission.

It was Harvey and Esther’s love for youth, education, Jewish engagement and continuity that inspired them to join the JSU Family so many years ago. In 2017, JSU recognized Esther and Harvey for the important role they played in the success of the JSU Torah of Unity Campaign in which they dedicated one of the 5 Books of the Torah.

Their combined family consists of six children and their spouses, sixteen grandchildren and their spouses, and four great-grandkids. Sadly, Esther (a”h) passed away this year from complications due to Alzheimer's disease. Her zest for life and dedication to Jewish continuity lives on through Harvey, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.